Auchenboink Hill Walk photos May 1998

All photos below copyright Chris Morgan

The cast : Ferret, Simon and Richard. Oh yeah, and me Chris behind the camera. As you can see I do screw up plenty of photos, it's just that I don't normally bother scanning the results. This one has some nice fir trees in focus in the background but unfortunately some rather blurry folk in the foreground.

"But" I hear you ask "aren't all your cameras auto-focus, Chris?"


Ferret did the navigation mostly

Of course we maintained communications with base camp at all times. Wouldn't want to miss any gossip.

Sometimes it was warm and we got a little out of breath

And sometimes it was quite cold and we had to wrap up

We saw some mountain goats on the way up.

On the way down it got quite steep and covered in dense fir trees.

Don't try a descent like this without cutting your toenails first, isn't that right Simon?

In between we saw lots of tremendous views.

The walk was just about as much as I could manage, which makes it just about perfect. Thanks very much to Ferret, Richard and Simon for sorting out the walk, and for putting up with me snapping silly photos of them when they were trying to enjoy the glorious Scottish countryside.

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Created 27 June 1998