My May 98 UK trip photos

All photos below copyright Chris Morgan

Ten days in the UK, I'm still recovering

My trip consisted of two large social get-togethers ("boinks") on two successive weekends at the end of May, separated by travelling around the country seeing friends and family.

Auchenboink 98

The first social do was Auchenboink98, so named because it has been held in Auchencraig annually for the past three years. There was a mix of activities, eating, drinking, hill-climbing, cliff-walking, gliding, eating, drinking, chatting up motas, demonstrating unusual forms of transport, drinking, eating, building a teepee, eating, putting up tents in the back garden, drinking, chatting up motas, and, finally, eating and drinking.

The Hill Walk The Other Stuff

RookeryBoink May 98

A related but not identical group got together in The Rookery on Streatham Common one week later, this time mainly for eating, drinking and chatting up motas.

The rest of my holiday snaps

Castles Liverpool Chester Leftovers
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